Modular valves and manifolds.

Modular valves and manifolds

Valves are normally mounted onto a valve skid with piping at the rear, or underneath, to allow quick changes to be made for main­ tenance purposes. Piping can, however, be dispensed with almost totally by mounting valves onto a manifold block- with intercon-

Control valves-0126

nections formed by drilled passages in a solid block or by cut-outs on a plate-formed manifold.

Modular valve assemblies allow piping to be reduced still further. These follow standards laid down by the Comite European des Transmission Oleophydrauliques et Pneumatiques and are con­ sequently known as CETOP modular valves.

Modular valves consist of a base plate, shown in Figure 4.45a, and a wide variety of modules which may be stacked up on top. Figures 4.45b to d show some modules available. At the top of the stack a spool valve or crossover plate is fitted. Quite complicated assemblies can be built up with minimal piping and the ease of a child’s building block model.

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