Developing a Wiring Digram (Circuit #3)


After studying this unit, the student will be able to:

• Develop a wiring diagram using this schematic

• Connect this circuit

Figure 35-1 shows the same schematic as fig­ Jre 32-1, except that figure 35-1 has been labeled with numbers in the same manner as the two pre­ vious circuits. Figure 35-2 shows the components of the wiring diagram labeled with numbers that correspond to the numbered components shown in the schematic. Figure 35-3 shows the wiring dia­ gram with connected wires.

The same method has been used to number the circuits in the last few units. Although most control schematics are numbered to aid the elec­ trician in troubleshooting, several methods are used. Regardless of the method used, all number ­ ing systems use the same principles. An electrician who learns this method of numbering a schematic will have little difficulty understanding a different


FIGURE 35-1 Schematic wit h components numbered

FIGURE  35-2  Components  have been numbered to correspond  with the schematic


1. Are numbering systems other than the one described in this text used to develop wiring diagrams from schematic diagrams?

FIGURE 35-3 Wire connections are made by connecting like numbers

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