Summary of Certification for the Electricity and Electronics Field


Electronics technicians founded the Electronics Technicians Association International (ETA-I) for electronics technicians.

● The ETA-I promotes professional credentials as proof of a technician’s skills and knowledge.

● The International Certification Accreditations Council (ICAC) accredits all certification for electronics technicians.

● The International Society of Certified Electronics Technicians (ISCET) trains, prepares, and tests electronics technicians.

● The CET program protects consumers by certifying that the technician is knowledgeable and has the necessary skills.

● The different levels of certification require the student or technician to be knowledgeable in all aspects of the electronics field.

● A technician with a certification is more employ- able in the electronics field.

● Many electronics technician jobs require a minimum of an associate degree, graduation from a vocational or technical school, or military training.

● An electronics technician must have the skills and ability to read schematics and maintenance manuals, test and troubleshoot equipment, solder and unsolder components, and research availability of parts and costs.


Ahmed Farahat is EECS engineer With 18 years of experience in the field he worked on different technological discipline and and had honored Post Graduate Diploma In Computer Science And Engineering

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