General Overview:Energy Savings

Energy Savings

Every family and every citizen can save a lot on the electricity bills every year, if proper actions are taken. Some of the measures than can be adopted with this purpose are the following: One of the major sources of consumption of electric energy is household appliances, and for this reason, they should be used in the best way possible. People should buy household appliances with the lowest possible power consumption.

In addition, it is good practice to shut off the TV from the standby button because by leaving it on all the time, it consumes a lot of power on a yearly basis. The refrigerator, which is always on, must be kept clean and at a temperature which is not too low, because it would be useless, and people should look for the no-freeze, low consumption models. Try not to use electric water heaters, which use a lot of power. It is important to change regular light bulbs with the energy saving ones. Although they cost more when the people buy them, they give the chance to save a lot on the electric bill giving the same light. It is important to shut off the lights where the people are not using them.

According to information provided by the EU member states in their second NREAPs, total final energy savings in the EU reached 60 Mtoe in 2010. This number can be broken down as follows: electricity savings (20 %), thermal energy savings (58 %), and transport energy savings (22 %). This means that, without energy saving measures in the energy end-use sector, the consumption of electricity itself in the EU-27 in 2010 would have been higher by some 10–12 million tons equivalent oil, mainly consumed by industry. This trend is expected to continue in the future.

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