Conclusions and Future Works:Proposals for Future Research Topics

Proposals for Future Research Topics

1. Impacts of mechanical parts to the thermal loading of wind power converter

• Realization and simplification of pitch and speed control of wind turbines in order to analyze the generator side converter.

• Thermal stress and lifetime with long-term wind profiles and different

roughness classes of wind condition.

• Improved design and control methods for thermal stress improvement and lifetime extension of wind power converter.

2. Advanced analyzing tools for wind power converter

• Lifetime evaluation tools considering long-term mission profile.

• Thermal-oriented design of converters.

• Thermal analysis considering device and loading variations/distributions.

• Stress benchmarking of different converter configurations.

• Grid code influences to the reliability of converter.

3. Zero-sequence current-control method of wind power converter.

• Thermal stress analysis of power control strategies with zero sequence current.

• Experimental validation in respect to feasibility.

• Other improved control strategies under grid faults.

4. Experimental validations of thermal stress.

• Evaluation of different temperature measurement methods.

• Validation of proposed thermal model for IGBT module.

• LVRT modulation methods in respect to thermal performances.

• Zero-sequence current-control methods in respect to thermal performances.

• Thermal distribution analysis inside one IGBT module.

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