Generator characteristic:Uses of D.C. Generators

Uses of D.C. Generators

1. Shunt generators with field regulators are used for ordinary lighting and power supply purposes. They are also used for charging batteries because their terminal voltages are almost con- stant or can be kept constant.

2. Series generators are not used for power supply because of their rising characteristics. However, their rising characteristic makes them suitable for being used as boosters (Ex. 28.15) in certain types of distribution systems particularly in railway service.

3. Compound generators

The cumulatively-compound generator is the most widely used d.c. generator because its Compound generators are used in electric railways external characteristic can be adjusted for compensating the voltage drop in the line resistance. Hence, such generators are used for motor driving which require d.c. supply at constant voltage, for lamp loads and for heavy power service such as electric railways.

The differential-compound generator has an external characteristic similar to that of a shunt generator but with large demagnetization armature reaction. Hence, it is widely used in arc welding where larger voltage drop is desirable with increase in current.



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