The Current Situation and Perspectives on the Use of Geothermal Energy for Electricity Generation:New Developments and Future Achievements in the Geothermal Sector

New Developments and Future Achievements in the Geothermal Sector

In the geothermal power sector, the main new developments that can be expected to occur in the future are the following:

• Improved energy conversion efficiency of geothermal power plants, adapted to the reservoir temperatures on site for conventional turbines;

• Successful demonstration of the EGS on key sites, like Soultzsous-Forêts in France, and the dissemination of the technology used in this site to other sites and regions;

• Increased overall efficiency in geothermal CHP plants;

• Improvement of exploration methods, installation technologies, and system components (pumps, pipes, turbines, etc.).

The future development of the geothermal heating sector includes the following:

• Improved site assessment, exploration, and installation of shallow systems, and the dissemination of successful approaches applied by some countries to the whole EU;

• Further increase in the efficiency of ground-source heat pumps, optimized sys-

tem concepts, application of advanced control systems, and improved components and materials such as compressors, refrigerants, pipes, etc.;

• Construction of new district-heating networks and optimization of existing net-

works and plants, in particular in East/Southeastern Europe and Turkey;

• Increased application of innovative concepts related to the use of geothermal energy in agriculture, aquaculture, industrial drying processes, etc.;

• The use of geothermal energy for deicing and snow melting of roads and airport runways, as well as for the seawater desalination process.

In the following paragraphs, a brief description of the use of geothermal energy sources for electricity generation in a selected group of countries has been included.

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